David Lein Victor

A common but powerful prayer

A prayer answerable only with the presence of humility

A prayer answerable when there is light

A prayer answerable with the passion to elevate

A prayer rendered by the pure in heart

A common prayer rendered by the uncommon man

A common prayer rendered by the meek

A prayer not many people can pray

A prayer, once gone against unveils your naked act

A prayer liken to a covenant

A prayer rendering strict justice useless

A prayer that despises self-acclamation

A prayer that despises self-appraisal

A prayer the creative minded should render

A prayer humanity should render

A prayer that stands out perfect

A prayer for peace and harmony

A prayer with an ardent interest

A prayer that brings about a boom

A boom that will make others around boom

A prayer that always destroys darkness

A prayer that says:

“Instead of making my enemies

and adversaries great for them to destroy,

cause my doom and see to my end,

Make me great and I’ll favour my adversaries,

bless them, take them to a greater height,

and poison their minds to follow peace,

love, unity and love.”

Pray not this prayer if your mind despises love.

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