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Are You Really Relevant In Your Field?

I was intentional about my growth. I didn’t wake up to becoming someone with values. I made sacrifices, I invested in my personal development.

It started from the desire to become a prominent figure in the world. I knew it was important I develop myself and use what I have to help people get better, I knew it will be impossible to attract the right people and the right opportunity if I fail to develop myself.

Personal development is a major time-saver. The better you become, the less time it takes you to achieve your goals. This is what so many people are still not getting right.

You can’t attract prominent people if they are not finding that you’re relevant. This is the bitter truth.

It doesn’t matter what you want to become, there are always some people in your field that you must connect with and these people will only connect with you when they find that you possess a lot of values.

I spoke at an event in 2017, it was a youth event. I had in mind to showcase my craft excellently because I know there would be one or two persons in my field that would have been doing very well.

After the event, more than five people got in touch and asked for my phone number. The next day I received a call from one of them and he explained to me how he would love I come to train some of the trainees in his company. We sealed that deal, I delivered and I was fulfilled because I was intentional about showcasing my craft.

You can’t attract the right people when you have not acquired the right mindset and the right skills. There is no magic of doing that.

I am relevant in my field, you know why? I am consistent.

I am consistent in sharing values, I am consistent in helping others grow, I am consistent in learning from those ahead of me, I am consistent in asking to be a part of great things. I am consistent in developing my personal brand.

I made known to the participants of one of the training I was invited to facilitate online that becoming very relevant requires some key actions:

1. Clarity of purpose.
2. Getting an excellent mindset
3. Getting the right knowledge
4. Getting the right skills.
5. Getting the right tools
6. Getting the right people
7. Staying informed
8. Consistency

These eight keys are very important to stay relevant and the last key will attract the right people and the right opportunity to you.

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