David Lein Victor

There’s something about having a style. Your unique ways of sharing your content will determine the numbers of audience you’ll attract to your brand.

To make known your brand, to stay in the mind of many people, you need a unique way to pass your message across. It is important your style fits the kind of message you’re passing across.

Eric Thomas, the hip hop preacher, is known for speaking with his audience in a very high-energy. Anytime I watch him speak, all I can see him doing is driving people to live fulfilled.

Jay Shetty, a former monk, is known for his storytelling ability using a very soft and calm tone to make wisdom go viral. With this, a lot of people have become his loyal audience.

When I also look at Prince Ea, I found his style very accommodating and enticing. He is known for spoken word, his style and message fits so well.

When you look at experts, you’ll find out they have a style. Having a style is very important, you shouldn’t neglect it.

If you crave to have your own unique way of passing your message across, then it is essential you watch others, read others, understand their style, pick the ones that are key to your growth, then create your own style.

Your style should speak your brand, that way, you’ll be attracting a lot of people and taking your brand to global prominence.

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