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DFE Event Decor And Rentals; The Next Prominent Brand

Early this year, a friend got in touch with me to ask if I know of any reliable individual or a business venture that is into Event Planning and Catering services around Ekiti state or Ondo state. I said to him I will get back to him.

After a day of searching both online and offline, I came across DFE Event Decor And Rentals. At first, I was reluctant to recommend this brand, but when I browsed through their Instagram feeds, I was impressed with what I saw.

I called the number made available on the bio and thereafter, a lady picked up the call and the conversation went smoothly. I was really impressed and I came to the conclusion that DFE Event Decor And Rentals can handle whatever service my friend may need. What a brand!

After a few weeks, my friend got in touch to tell me how happy he was to have DFE Events Decor and Rentals to handle his event. Well, I was excited too because I was able to recommend the best to my friend.

A few hours later, my phone rang, I picked up the call only to listen to the voice of a lady. It was the lady I first spoke with and I was surprised to see her calls. She called to thank me for recommending her to handle such an event.

We got to connect after some chats and I came to know more about DFE Events Decor and Rentals.

DFE Events Decor and Rentals is founded by Adekemi Jolaade in December 2017.

They are into event planning and coordination, corporate ushering, catering, chilling of drinks, decoration, rentals of chairs, tables and canopy. They also do soup bowl deliveries as well as all kind of foods and soups.

They operate around Ekiti/Ondo but can operate anywhere in Nigeria under certain terms and conditions.

They can be found on Instagram and Facebook as @dfe_eventsdecor__rentals.

Call/WhatsApp +234 813 960 9878 to make a booking with them. They will handle all your catering needs and plan your event with much enthusiasm.

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