David Lein Victor

As a mother, all I ever wanted for my only son was to guide him to become the greatest. I never thought of the pains and the suffering I passed through when I had him. I never for once thought about how his father left me in a state of trauma. I forgot about how his father left me as at the time of giving birth to him.

I did odd jobs just to feed me and my son. My family sent me away. I was insulted. I was called a thief. I never for once thought my son wouldn’t do great things and become the greatest. I prayed for him. I cursed blessing, mercy and favour to follow him. I trained him and guided him on the path to greatness. I see that his education keeps flowing. I was humiliated on the street because I cared and supported my son. I never wished my son disaster.

I always believed he will become great and take us out of this misery. He did well. My prayers had a deep effect on him. He was a brilliant boy and was loved by all his teachers. He became great. I knew it was time to enjoy the fruits of my labour. But I never knew my happiness and joy portray deep affliction and sadness. I never knew I was about to experience hell. I never knew my son and the devil has been dining for long. I never knew my son and the devil has made a deadly covenant.

He became wealthy. He neglected me. He hates to see me. He hates I am his mother. He looked at me like I had always been a witch. He left me roaming about in the street. He made me undergo another phase of pains. He wished me death. He would tell everyone he doesn’t have a mother. I suffered. I knew I was in hell. I knew I was treading on the path of brimstone.

All of this tragedy my son made me pass through was because he fell in the hands of a witch he called his wife. I never blamed him because I was made to understand I never prayed for him to get the best companion. I never prayed for him to have an angel he would call his wife. I was made to understand we must be specific in our prayers.

I was sent back to the land of the living after been showed how I must pray. I did. After 3 years, I was on my bed that looks just like a royal chamber when I received a call from my son telling me he will be bringing home an angel for a wife. I was happy and I know our family is just about to get extended.


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