David Lein Victor

“That’s how she uses to do,” Stanley said. The way she always walks past them without greeting has become a bone stuck in their throat.

Even if none of them was feeding her, they still feel there should be at least some respect from her. “Just free her, her cups go full soon,” Ade said. It wasn’t like they have something in common or they have done something great for her that warrants some respect from her. “Guys,” Bob began, “leave this girl alone, she hasn’t done anything wrong.” “Idiot, woman wrapper, I pity your destiny. Were your eyes blind?” Ade said looking fiercely at Bob. They were friends for 5 years now and they had rented an apartment in the house Mary’s father built just to stay together.

Ade and Stanley had done their best in deceiving Mary to sleep with each of them, but all their plans failed. Bob is a kind of person who loves music. Pop and Rnb he loves so much. He would sit on the bench at the front of their apartment very early in the morning with his headset on. Music was his passion and becoming a musician was his goals. Mary had seen this in him and fell in love with his way of life.

“Do you think,” Bob began, “I can become great with what I love doing most?” “You mean music?” Alhaji Suleiman asked. He was a sage who lives two houses away from Mary’s father, Engineer Ayoade’s house. He would come to visit Engineer Ayoade anytime he’s bored. They were friends for a long time now. Alhaji Suleiman’s children will always come at the end of every month to pay a visit to their father. It wasn’t like there was no one with him but even Aisha; his last born would always be seen with Mary. His wife had been in the U.S ever since she was sent on a mission by the firm she now works for. “Of course you can become great and greater with your passion. Make sure to choose the right people you call your friends and be determined.” “Thank you, sir,” Bob said.

“Doctor,” Nurse Titi began, “Do you think she’ll survive this?” “Well, it depends on her body because this is the first time such will happen to her. Had it been we know, we shouldn’t have done something like this. We all know it is against the ethics of our profession,” Doctor said. She lay hopelessly and unconscious. She would keep on groaning and be blinking her eyes very fast. “Sorry Mary, just endure for some time, the pain will vanish,” Nurse Titi said. She turned to the doctor and said, “Doctor, it wasn’t your fault that you aborted the pregnancy. The complete tenderness and the pity you had for the crying girl made you do it. And you should know we were just trying to help.”
Poor girl! ‘Who impregnated her’ keeps hammering in the mind of Aisha. She keeps on wondering how a girl like Mary would end up in such tragic situation. She sat close to Mary and checking on her each minute. “And I warned you not to do this. I preached against this. I said to tell your dad, but you adhere not to my advice,” Aisha said as she keeps breathing heavily.

“What! Mary is in the hospital? Which hospital? Why? Engineer Ayoade said as he reached out for his car keys. With tears filled in her eyes, Aisha wouldn’t say a word. “Sir, please be fast,” she said.
Mary’s situation was turning out to be worst and the best thing to do was to report to Mary’s father. She left the hospital and headed to her home but couldn’t find her own father at home. She invoked the courage to go to Mary’s house and report the case to Engineer Ayoade since it was the only option available. It was like the weight of the world was on her when she found out she had told Mary’s father about the incident.

“What is she even saying? Please speak up Mary,” Engineer Ayoade said feeling very sad. “Boooooooo…bbbb,” Mary forcefully said. “Huh! Bob?” Engineer Ayoade dipped his hands into his pocket and brought out his mobile phone and dialled a number. “Hello Officer Ben, please go to my house and bring anyone you see in the next apartment to Divine hospital. It is what I discussed earlier with you the other time. Okay, thanks.” Aisha’s mouth was widely opened when she heard the name ‘Bob’ from Mary’s mouth. “I am not sure he can do such. He’s a nice guy and even a friend to my dad. Besides he was with my dad last night,” Aisha said as she set her gaze on Mary.

Doctor, Nurse, Aisha and Engineer Ayoade were with Mary when Officer Ben came in with Bob. Kpaaaaaa! Bob placed his hands on his face after Engineer Ayoade has left on his face a thunderous slap. “Sir,” Bob began, “I know nothing about this.” He was very sad and disappointed in Engineer Ayoade for laying such allegations on him. “Officer Ben is this the only person you saw there,” Engineer Ayoade asked. “Yes Oga,” Officer Ben answered. “Bob, what about Ade and Stanley? Engineer Ayoade asked. “I haven’t seen them for two weeks now and I thought they might have gone to work. I tried calling their numbers but I couldn’t reach them,” Bob said. There was silence for a while. Everyone present was looking out and very curious to know who the culprit is. Flows of feelings were radiating when Alhaji Suleiman came in with four others, Detective Apo, Detective Audu, Ade and Stanley. The bruises on Ade’s face were too bad that all his face was swollen. Stanley’s face was like a path stepped upon by thousands of feet. “I caught them in the act but because they were too strong for me, they fled. I had to call on Detective Apo and Detective Audu immediately. They had been searching for them for almost 2 weeks now,” Alhaji Suleiman said. Ade and Stanley had forcefully had their way through Mary on a hot afternoon. Poor Mary. They were too strong for her. They had forcefully had sexual intercourse with Mary, what we all know as ‘rape’. Alhaji Suleiman was carrying out his normal visit to an old friend when what he could see was Ade and Stanley having their ways through Mary. He only called on the both detectives and gave them all information concerning the event. He was quiet and unable to discuss it with Mary’s father. He was with Bob when he received a call and left home that very night. Aisha knew Mary was pregnant but kept it to herself. It wasn’t her fault; she was just doing her friend a favour. But she warned Mary to open up to her father and not to abort the pregnancy. She didn’t adhere and end up in the hospital.
“Detectives, please take them away,” Engineer Ayoade said. He begged Bob for his forgiveness and thank his friend, Alhaji Suleiman. “She will be fine I promise,” Doctor said. He felt guilty for carrying out the abortion and pleaded to everyone present but he sure would be charged.



Duhcee Unik Ytee                                                     Mary
Joshua Ire TheCatalyst                                             Bob
Ifeanyi Philjeo                                                            Ade
Alex Onyebuchi                                                          Doctor
Precious Paul                                                              Aisha
Omobolanle Favour Atom                                        Nurse Titi
Jefferson Waleson                                                      Stanley
Aliyu Jalal                                                                     Alhaji Suleiman
Salihu Ibraheem Mu’azu                                           Engineer Ayoade
Louis Bullionz Dangote                                             Detective Apo
Olobe Timilehin                                                          Detective Audu
Olaniyi Femi                                                                Officer Ben


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