David Lein Victor

When I was meditating sometimes ago, I learnt a principle that is essential you follow to gain wealth, fame, and peace.

Let me divert a little.

It is one thing to have wealth and fame, it is another thing to have wealth, fame, and peace.

Let me break it down…

You can be wealthy and not famous, most people would agree with this so I won’t waste my time on this. You can be wealthy, famous and be without peace. Not just the cliché “peace” but the inner peace that comes with fulfilment.

You know that feeling that makes you smile anytime you’re being called upon to solve a problem using your skill? What about that one that gives you inner satisfaction anytime you’re paid for your services or products? And after that, you go home to settle family and even those around. Yes, that one, that’s the kind of peace I’m talking about.

Now, let’s talk business.

Listen, no matter how hard you work, or how much you’ve suffered, you will never gain financial breakthrough if your business or your job is not the type that can fetch you millions in few months or years.

Let me cite an example.

Let’s say you work in a firm that pays you fifty thousand naira monthly, let’s even say one fifty thousand naira monthly, let me raise it to two hundred thousand. Now, we have twelve months in a year, if we multiply two hundred thousand by twelve we will have 2.4million naira. This means that in a whole year, you have just 2.4million, no expenses, nothing.

Now, think about the expenses for your daily upkeep, you really would love to build a house right? What about a nice car? What about those clothes, I mean the nice dress and the nice shirt and jean trouser you crave to have? Won’t you love to travel around the world? Let’s even limit it to Nigeria, What about that state you want to visit? Think about the transport fare, what about feeding? Won’t you eat? Think about all of these and look at the two hundred thousand you’re earning especially if you have a family.

You’ll agree with me that it is really not enough.

The same thing goes for those into business. If your business is not growing, there’s no way you can ever be free from a loan. There’s no way you can be “very wealthy”. Depression may even set in when your expenses are getting higher than your income.

What am I trying to let you know?

I am saying that you must not expect too much when your business or job is still limited. You must never expect to be like some of the richest men when you’ve already settled to repeat the same routine your business or job is offering you and the average existence it provides.

How can you expect millions when the business you do doesn’t portray millions?” Are you getting the message? This is the principle.

Let me get you clarity now.

Are you in the position to serve a wider audience? Does your job grant you the opportunity to converse and meet new people? Is your product capable of solving a problem millions of people are having?

Think, just think!

Let me cite an example with myself.

Each day, different people ask I teach them my skills, many want to become like me. It’s normal because I have also paid some price, I have spent some sleepless night during the period I was perfecting my skills, I have spent money and resources just to acquire these skills.

Now, imagine I design a course on my niche or I write a book about all what I do and how to learn those skills and become perfect in it, then I put the price at ten thousand naira or thirty US Dollars. Imagine I sell the book to one hundred people in just a month. Now, multiply ten thousand by one hundred, what do we have? We will have one million naira. Are you thinking what I am thinking? That’s twelve million a year, and you know many more will buy.

I have made them better by selling my skills through my book to them. When they have attained the level of earning, they too can do the same, earn and live better without restriction.

I know I have helped you gained clarity and I know you want more.

Meditating is simply what I can’t do without, it helps me learn a lot of things.

You must get better, don’t be too greedy to your destiny, help your future, learn a skill or more, if you don’t have money, save, just save and pay to learn it, it will help you.

Get in touch with me, let’s talk, I can help you become better by training you. You must get better.

To Global Prominence Together.

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