David Lein Victor


The moment you made up your mind towards one and you see that person as one who has nothing to offer, you are already a failure and a stupid being. So many people have seen me as someone who has nothing to offer and decided to treat me bad and see me as an empty vessel but in the end, I always end up teaching these people, praying for them and keeping them close as a very good friend. Sometimes, I have to think of myself less because I am a disciple of humility and so many people on seeing this concluded I am just a stupid brat with no common sense and knowledge.

The moment you’ve concluded someone to be less or not having any capacity and ability, I am sorry to say you’re the biggest stupid being to ever exist. Your stupidity will go a long way that it will be recorded in the GUINNESS BOOK OF RECORD. I see no reason why you should belittle any living soul, not even an Ant. Do you have the knowledge of how Mr. Ant has been working without rest just to feed his family? You’re a big fool to have concluded that someone is of no importance.

I made a covenant with God never to belittle anyone and if I do, He should take away all that which I’ve worked for and turned those learning from me against me. It is very simple, help others achieved their dreams for you’re making your path filled with great people who will forever remain indebted to you, not in the literal meaning but in the principle of helping others to achieve their goals.

As an individual, I don’t have a problem with someone who isn’t competent enough to carry out a particular task but I will be deeply disappointed if he/she is not teachable. We can never be equal and the moment you realized that, the easier it will be for you to subject yourself to learning. I have so many people who are learning from me and I don’t joke with them because it is because of them I am living and I won’t rest until they’ve achieved what they want to achieve from me, then can I say I am fulfilled.

You want to be above average? You want to master many skills? You want to be an expert in your field? You want to teach others? Then you must be willing to make sacrifice. You must know that there’ll be no sleeping time for you. You must know that you will look just like a mad man because you’ll look untidy. You must be able to meditate deeply. You must be able to think deeply before thinking further. You must read all the books of this world. You must be able to develop your reflexes and trust me that involve you activating your chakra. You must learn from others. You must be willing to have someone as a mentor. After you’ve done all this, then you can say it to my face with proudness that you are above average. I just hope you understand and be able to re-think to activate your life.

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