David Lein Victor

I dedicate this poem to those who are emotional and sentimental concerning a special one in their lives.

Life could be a tragedy
even after many strategies,
no one would believe things would fall apart
because everyone believes there is a symbol holding their path

It all started like a flowing stream,
the source of the bond seems impossible to stream
that no one could access their destruction,
and thus; this gave birth to an attraction

Humanity would cause negative reactions between the bond
but the bond would wax stronger like a well-fed fish in the pond
rain of fires and pain of the universe was unleashed to any human who has caused a negative reaction

Even the fowl of the earth wouldn’t dare flap their wings
for it would be portrayed as a flapping of commotion
Because of this, the universe was always careful of destruction
and so, the world sought to back the bond

Life could be a tragedy if
the source and their path would always have an option to destruction, but only with their permission would the bond
be led to a destruction

They gave the permission
and lo, it was shattered like a broken glass
the edge would cut anyone who ignorantly wants to come closer
it shattered- the symbol holding their path

Life could be a tragedy
even after many strategies
no grudges would have brought about a destruction
if there was an understanding of propagation.

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