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Lux Studio; A Community To Meet Your Favourite Artists, Sell Your Beats and Earn Without Hidden Charges.

As a beat maker, it is one thing to produce a beat, it is another thing to be able to earn and it is entirely a different thing to earn and to gain sustainability.

Over the years, a lot of Nigerian beat makers have emerged, a lot have also emerged from foreign countries.

Most of these beatmakers are always finding it difficult to penetrate into the global market some platforms have provided. This is believed to be as a result of low earnings, and even the distribution of these earnings.

Sometimes, most beat makers would always get frustrated whenever they’re unable to get returns from their creativity. Some of them after getting frustrated would let go of the zeal to creating new beats.

This is why Lux Studio has provided a platform where beat makers can meet their favourite artists, put up their beats for purchase, and get to penetrate into the global market.

We understand there are some platforms that do offer beat makers an avenue to put their beat out for purchase but signing up to some of these platforms is difficult and some of these beat makers would always have to upload their beat on the platform of a distributor. This is saddening for most beat makers.

Lux Studio is easily accessible and any individual from any part of the world can conveniently use Lux Studio. This is because of its flexibility and easy payout system.

As a beat maker, you can enjoy one of the product on Lux Studio called “spotlight”. It gives you the authority to pin some of your beats to your profile so that the general public can find and purchase it. To this regard, a pro account has been made available by Lux Studio.

The pro account enables any beat makers to put up their beats for purchase and the most important is the easy payout system Lux Studio has put in place for all beat makers.

If you’re a Nigerian beat maker, once your beat has been purchased, you’ll be credited immediately via the account details you’ve provided. As a foreigner, you’ll be credited after seven working days through PayPal. The good thing here is that Lux Studio only takes 10℅ of your earnings for maintenance of the platform they’ve provided for you.

To be part of this global community, you can easily sign up and upgrade to a pro account by visiting their website . You can also stay connected with Lux Studio by following them on their Facebook and Instagram page.

Be a part of the community, connect, earn, and grow.

Here are their social media links and website link.


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