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You’ve done your best, but all you could ever taste was a blank being drawn. You’ve tried other ways to see if there will be a breakthrough but still, you remain in the same spot. You decided to hate the world and even yourself. You blame yourself for your inability to thrive. You even go to the extent of committing suicide. Wait, relax. This is for you. Your life is about to change and you’re about to put in shackles all the failed endeavours and move to a greater height and become the greatest.

There are many reasons why most people like you are still not understanding what they should do to enable them to taste the sweetest part of the world and make their own world conducive and to even accommodate more people. You may be a high school student, an undergraduate, a graduate or an apprentice. The earlier you discover what you want to become, the faster and better your entire life will be. Most people failed because they really did not comprehend their life and this has made things very difficult for them. It is high time you made up your mind on that particular thing you want to become so that you’ll master the skills and be the best in that field.



When it comes to deciding for your future, do away with advice especially when you have a bad feeling about it. They will not be there when you’ll be suffering because you heed their advice and neglect what your heart has been hammering to you. Your parents are another factor. They’ll tell you not to explore that opportunity, they’ll think they’re protecting you but the real deal is that they’re afraid because they’ve failed and they think you’ll fail also. Prove them wrong today. Tell them the world is growing fast and it takes the creative minds to explore and make something tangible out of it. Tell them you need to learn very fast and mingle with creative people for you to be creative and know how creativity work.



When I was 6, I love art, I enjoyed drawing, painting, and I was very fast in writing notes in the class. I wanted to become a great artist. When I was 11, I have a very great passion for soccer. I was the best in my school as at then when it comes to playing football. All I ever wanted was to become a professional football player. When I was in high school, I enjoyed science and I was very good in chemistry. I wanted to become a doctor. You can see now how what I want to become in the future keeps switching. I am very good in making use of any environment I found myself to develop a passion and meditate on that passion because that is what is currently booming in that environment, so I have no choice but to become the best in that field not knowing I was getting it wrong.  But the craziest of it was that I fall in love with the passion of becoming a doctor. All I ever thought of as of then was how I must become a doctor. It was crazy; I studied extra miles to gain the full knowledge of physics, chemistry, and biology because I wanted to become a doctor. I graduated from high school and hoping to be admitted to a university to study medicine to become a doctor but I was rejected. I tried the following year, and again I was rejected. You want to know what happened during my stay at home throughout the whole 2 years; I was busy writing down my thoughts driven by my everyday life. I am too emotional and that has made writing very easy for me especially when it comes to writing motivational and a very inspiring piece. I still did not get it. I made up my mind to go to a polytechnic to study science laboratory technology because I felt it is still on the medical line. Guess what happened? I was denied the course again and was given admission to study Agricultural Technology. Is it the work of fate or what? I had no choice because I don’t want to remain at home while my mates are all gaining admission and going to school, therefore I accepted the admission to study Agricultural Technology. Don’t be surprised, I am still writing. I have developed my poetic skills and the ability to write down anything.

Fast forward to becoming the president of my department and graduating with a good grade. But during those periods, something happened; I had full knowledge of nature, I understand how nature works because I studied Agricultural Technology. In fact, I had the knowledge of human system because I studied Agriculture. Just look at it. From craving to becoming a professional soccer player and medical doctor to having a diploma in Agricultural Technology. What a twisted fate. But is this really the work of fate? Or am I on the journey of finding myself? Right now, I am a professional writer, not just that, but I have and I am making positive impacts and initiating positive change agent through my writing and my speaking prowess. I can never and never be neglected when it comes to politics because I have also understood politics and still learning.



I know you must have been triggered by the story above. Now just look at your life, what is that thing you found yourself doing frequently but you are really not paying attention to it? Can you dance? Can you write? Can you sing? Can you play football? Can you speak publicly? Can you strategize to develop? Can you promote? Can you change the minds of people? Can you initiate positive change agents? Can you paint? What can you do? This is what you should ask yourself. You have a talent. Read this below to understand fully what I am trying to pass to you: Your life is what you think it should be, that’s exactly what you are right now. You are what you thought you should be and if you don’t like what you are, you must change what you think you should be. What you think is more important than what you do. And so if you want to change you must work on this attitude.

That is it. I can see your heart smiling and I can see you’re determined to add values to your life. You have to create and stand by it. It is my joy to write to you that you’re a very special person and it is my duty to help you discover the skills and the talents in you.

I’ll be coming again in part 2 of this to help you discover your purpose. But it is your duty to also help me see through you so that things will be easier for both of us. I love you and it is because of you I am living.

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