David Lein Victor


“Why is such existing?”
He asked rhetorically looking at his old ceiling fan rotating sluggishly, He couldn’t comprehend his current situation, and He couldn’t understand the reason for his predicament. He was a king in his own mansion. Parked in his garage were different exotic cars. Is it the respect he earned from giving a helping hand to others? Is it the huge sum of money he pays his employees as salary? Is it the calmness in him? He’s got everything. He possessed all that his generation and generations to come would enjoy even without them getting to do any job.
Jason was born 30 years ago to very wealthy parents. He was the only son of his parents, and all the love and care of the world was showered on him. He was loved not only by his parents but by everybody who knows him. There’s something triggering this love towards him; even with all the wealth of his parents, you can’t find him stepping on others or misbehaving. He wasn’t a spoilt child, and He will always make people understand not all children from a wealthy home are spoilt brats.
Jason sat down staring at her, He gazed passionately at her beautiful countenance, and his ability to be aware of things and to think and reason brought forth erotic thoughts that he was willing to have her instantly. She lay horizontally on her mattress with her both legs vertically placed on her cupboard. She noticed Jason staring at her.
“It is better you take your mind off that, it won’t do you any good but leave you in trauma,” she said jokingly.
He smiled broadly and moved over to her side pretending not to have heard what she said. He lay on her back using his tongue to lick her ears romantically, she turned around facing him, and her heart was craving for that French kiss.
“What are you waiting for?” She said.
He smiled and gave her a hot kiss, rolling and biting her tongue passionately with his. They were when a sudden bang was heard at the door. Jason felt like the world is going to end.
“Who is that again!?” he asked in exasperation. She pushed him away and stood, getting dressed and heading straight to the door.
Jason was a 300 level student of literature in Afe Babalola University when he met Kate, it was at the school library, and Kate had come to look for a particular reference book to back up her team explanation on a particular term paper given to them by one of their lecturers. She was a 200 level student of fine art. On sighting Kate, He couldn’t concentrate anymore. No girl on campus has ever turned him on like this one. Is it the beautiful countenance? Is it the majestic footsteps? Is it the beautiful dress she had on? She’s got everything.
Jason’s friends were getting sick of him because his attention was diverted.
“If you really need her then go get her,” one of them said.
He stood, walking towards her like a king.
“He’s got this charming smile and good physique you love, just look at him, he’s the perfect guy for you” This thought was running to and fro in her head.
“Hi, I am Jason, a 300 level student of literature and you are?”
“Kate, a 200 level student of fine art” she turned around looking closely at the books in the shelves.
“Yes, I found it!” She exclaimed.
“Found what?” Jason said a bit confused. She turned around smiling and looking into his face.
“I found the reference book we are to use for a term paper”.
Jason was astonished, he was in love, just look at her smile, killer smile, a smile that could bring the universe to obey her command. He finally met someone whose smile was more killing than his. He couldn’t just afford to lose her.
“Can I be your friend?” he asked, looking closely at her cleavage.
“Of course you can Mr. Jason.” She said while packing her books.
Two weeks had passed since they met, the whole students on campus have heard about Jason’s new girlfriend. A rich gentleman and a beautiful young lady is the talk of campus. Jason would flaunt her always and so would she. They were perfect, very perfect for each other.
Jason, who was still looking at his old ceiling fan rotating sluggishly, wouldn’t afford to lose his cleaning job at a nearby hotel. He took his cup and spoon, pouring into the cup the rainwater he had gotten from a heavy rainfall last night. He opened his cupboard located beside his bed, out of which he brought out a black nylon containing the cassava flakes he had bought from a neighbouring provision shop. He poured the cassava flakes into the cup of water and drank it like he has not eaten for the past thirty days.
“Good morning sir,” Jason said, greeting the manager of the hotel who is a tall dark bearded man in his late fifties.
“Thank God you came early today, get to work.”
Her love for him is increasing day after day. Their love story remains the trending topic radiating the school campus. Jason was preparing to graduate, and he couldn’t afford to lose Kate. How could their love end here, How is he going to manage his life without Kate by his side? He decided to give Kate a surprise visit to tell her the kind of love he has for her.
Kate, who was listening to music using her headphone happen to hear a loud bang at her door, she could hear it because she had reduced the volume of her headphone.
“Who is it?” she asked while heading towards the door, on opening the door, she came in contact with a beautiful smile on a very handsome face.
“Jason!” she was surprised.
“I was not expecting you here today, hope all is well?” Without minding what she had said, he kissed her on the forehead and headed straight to her bed, he jumped and landed on her mattress.
“What do you have? I am very hungry.” She headed for the kitchen and brought him the remaining fried rice she cooked in the morning.
“So why this surprise visit?” Kate said stretching her hands towards his cup of fruit juice.
“I am actually not happy, I think I can’t live without you by my side.” He said.
She smiled and said to him “don’t worry Jason, my heart belong to you alone.”
Jason was very scared he might lose Kate, so he asked her to take a love covenant with him, without thinking twice, she agreed. They took a love covenant promising not to marry another person neither will they fall in love with another person staking their lives on it.
Jason was busy washing the car of the manager when a range rover sport drove into the hotel compound, the kind he once had.
“Madam, you’re welcome,” the manager said smiling broadly at her.
“I want to hold a meeting with you and all those working here,” she said.
Such an angelic voices, one wouldn’t forget easily, there’s one person in the world that has such voice.
“Kate!” David yelled, with tears rolling down his cheek.
“Who are you calling Kate? She’s our madam here, the owner of this hotel, add some respect man.”
The manager said to Jason. Kate couldn’t believe her eyes, she couldn’t understand what was really happening.
“Manager, cancel the meeting, I need to talk to this guy,” she said with her eyes filled with tears.
Jason graduated and began managing one of his father’s companies, his kind heart and generosity had gone a long way in winning contracts for the company through the employees. They worked really hard to keep him close to them.
One major problem he normally encountered was the issue of seduction from his female employees. It was becoming too much that he couldn’t resist any longer.
He hasn’t seen Kate for three years now, her phone number is no longer going through, he can’t hold himself any longer, and he really want to get laid. It happened on his bed that looks just like a royal chamber. He got laid for two hours non-stop. Shortly after the done deed, he felt as if he’s no more complete, he felt something tangible has been taken out from his body and soul.
Two months had passed. The ordered goods from abroad which was transported on a ship sank deep into the sea, on hearing the news, his father collapsed and was struck with a stroke, and his mum who couldn’t help the situation fell sick.
Debts came calling, they had to sell their property to settle all debts. Jason been the only child was taking care of his sick parents from the money he got after selling most of his father’s property, everything was becoming worst.
He was in deep thoughts when his phone rang, it was the doctor taking care of his parents. He rushed to the hospital only to be informed about the death of his parents, he was so bitter and very sad.
“So all this happened!”
Kate said, she was feeling very sad.
“We relocated to Ghana and that automatically got my phone number changed. I lost all my contact including yours.”
She hold his hands and asked him “Do you have a girlfriend?”
He answered and said “no” feeling very devastated.
“Did you have sex or fall in love with anyone after you left school?”
“Yes I did.” Ohh!! He remembered, it rang in his head, the love covenant they took, it was his decision, how could he have forgotten such thing.
“That is it Jason, I kept to my words because I know the gravity of the love covenant we took, remember we staked our lives, I had hope I’ll find you again, but you, what did you do? You’re the cause of your predicament Jason, you’re the murderer of your parents, and you are the cause of your fall, the fall that has brought you down to my hotel to be a cleaner”
She was heartbroken and bitter. Jason couldn’t utter a word. He cursed the day he got laid. He cursed himself, he felt like giving up the ghost. Maybe all his predicament has been exchanged with his life. Maybe he was given another grace to live.

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