David Lein Victor

I walked into the police station, the court of law, the bank and I negotiated with the newspaper vendor, sweating my life out.

A small mistake can come back hunting even after many years. This is very true, very true.

It was in Ado-Ekiti, Four years ago, on a wonderful afternoon, a man in a suit brought some documents asking us to register for a free bank account. I collected the documents and it appears to be an Access Bank account.

Weeks before then, I already registered for a GTB account but I haven’t provided all the necessary information that would activate my account. I opted to open a free account because I felt I’d be wasting my time going to a GTB branch. Why suffer the walk while a document is with me asking I provide all the necessary information. How sweet.

With happiness in my heart, I filled the form and I didn’t just fill the form, I filled the form with the wrong information (Name, date of birth). I was happy but I never knew I was foolish at the same time. Interesting.

After some months, I received a huge amount into the account but I was unable to withdraw it. I walked to the nearest branch, make a complaint, and I was asked to upgrade my account. I did that there instantly with my work ID Card. I gained access to my account again and I was happy I could spend my money in peace but my brain still didn’t tell me to update my account with the correct information.

A few weeks later, BVN registration came flying very hot, I was in Abuja already so I visited the nearest Access Bank to register for a BVN. Without stress, I did that and I didn’t just do that, I gave them the same wrong information like I did in the first place. You see how foolish I was.

I was cashing out and cashing in without any problem, I didn’t know that the demon operating my brain was patiently waiting for me while sipping his green tea.

After some time, I was elected as the president of a student association, did a change of signatory successfully and I was glad. Again, after a year and some months, I was appointed to serve as the Chairman of a student association, when it was time to do a change of signatory, I was asked to bring a National ID card, I registered for it and I was given the slip. Again, change of signatory was successful and I was glad. How sweet.

A year later, I was anointed as the President of a fellowship and the General Secretary of another body. But I never knew the federal government of Nigeria had put in place a new policy to regulate all banks activities.

The change of signatory was successfully done for the body to which I served as the General Secretary. But the one to which I served as the president taught me a lesson. A big lesson.

We were in the bank to fill the change of signatory form with all necessary information. After some checking by the customer service, I was told the name and the date of birth on my BVN does not correspond with the details on my National ID card. See, I became gentle and humble. Do you know that I could have provided the same wrong information for my National ID card but I have grown and gotten wisdom. And I considered my academic documents. All these made me provide the right information for the second time. The first one was for my WAEC and NECO registration. Funny right?

Well, the change of signatory was not successfully done that very day. I had to spend money to do a court affidavit, a police report, a newspaper publication and I provide the document stating my date of birth. I gradually began to defeat the demon.

You see what I just stated above, it took me 5 months to get that done. The process is simple but I didn’t have the time to do it. It took me just 5 days to get it done when I have all the time to myself but I spent money.

That decision you’re about to take, are you sure it won’t come back hunting in the future? If it will, don’t take it. Please abort the mission. I repeat, don’t take it.

Let me announce to you that every information on my BVN, Academic report and statement, National ID card, and everything about me is now correct and accurate. I can travel abroad now, I can sign up for Payoneer now and I can set up my online store now.

Somebody shout halleluyah.

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