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The Three Lessons I Learnt From Jay Shetty’s Masterclass

These are the three lessons I learnt from Jay Shetty’s masterclass earlier this year and the interesting thing is that I have applied all three of it in my life a few years back. This made me realised I am actually growing.

Let me share it with you.

1. Have a mentor

This one is very important as it will help you stay accountable to someone who is vast in your areas of specialization.

A mentor can help you find your purpose, help you achieve your goals and make you carry out the task you find difficult.

2. The Ladder Principle

The Ladder Principle let you take immediate action with your goals. For example, if your goal is to write a book, the next step in the process would be to research how to write a book and then speak to people who have written a book. This will help you gain more clarity.

What is the goal you want to achieve in 2019?

3. Louder

At the third lesson, we want to amplify the change we are going to make by making the intention really loud and powerful. For example, make your excuses smaller and quieter by finding a group of people that will support you. This means joining a community that has the same goal as you.

Now, I have a goal I want to achieve in 2019, and it is my biggest goal.

My biggest goal is to “create life-changing videos that will reach millions of people.”

Now, my ability as a content developer and a storyteller will help me a lot in passing my message to a lot of people.

But this goal comes with challenges and these challenges have to do with the equipment I’ll be using in the course of achieving the goal

1. I’ll need to get a good video camera
2. An external Microphone
3. A Tripod
4. Lighting
5. Video Editing Software (This won’t be a problem as I can use filmora to edit)

Now, these are the challenges because it will require some funds to achieve this equipment.

1. Samsung HMX – F90 package (it comes with a Tripod and micro SD card) and it is worth 250 dollars.
2. External Microphone worth 35 dollars
3. Lighting worth 55 dollars

The total is 340 dollars and in Nigerian currency that is almost 124,000 naira.

Now, I am just a freelancer and a student who’s in his final year in school. Sometimes I get gigs on ebook compilation, digital training facilitating, graphics designing, web designing and content writing but academic takes almost 70% of my earnings, the rest 30% goes to my daily upkeep. Can you see the challenges here, but I know I will achieve this goal.

See how.

1. By saving (it may take months)
2. By portraying the vision to friends and family who may likely contribute a quota
3. By looking out for more gigs

I believe these “hows” will be achieved and then I can begin transforming lives and getting people better through the videos.

We must get better in 2019! What is your biggest goal? Share it in the comment box.

To Global Prominence Together.

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