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Picture5So many people would never hesitate to share their success stories because they want to tell the world how they’ve made it and how they’ve successfully made others around them sad.

There is no such thing as achieving success without the strength of others and I know basically most people use other people to achieve what they need and leave them behind. Most people who have succeeded in reaching higher place have always abandoned those who have in one way or the other provide their time, strength and their ability to help and to help grow the idea.

Instead of growing together with those who have contributed to your success, you abandon and neglect them. Don’t worry, your harvest will not give you joy but total and complete bitterness.

Just imagine you were neglected and you were not able to grow with those you have always respected their opinion and have always contributed passionately to increase and boost whatever business or idea they portray to you. How would you feel? Devastated? Sad? Very bitter? O yes! You would definitely be extremely sad and angry and for this reason, you should never in your life neglect another because they will definitely accommodate resilience and outshine you. If you think this is not possible, you can try neglecting the one who has helped you with his/her abilities.

Okay! So you’ve successfully shared your success stories and make others sad right? Do you even understand what it means to have achieved success? Do you understand how it feels when those you have made great and have caused a positive change in their life come out to tell the world about your own success story of how you’ve caused a positive impact in their life? Wherever you are at that moment when the story is been shared, will be filled with tears and fulfilments. You would have fulfilled and would have been fulfilled.

I am a strong advocate of love, peace, harmony and altruism and I extremely despises wickedness and this is the reason why I so much hate wicked people. You just read that, Yes! I hate wicked people. Your merely thinking of how to be the best is wickedness. Oh! You really don’t know that right? Of course, it is! So you want to be the best in everything when you know it is impossible. Do you even understand that your quest to be the best will give way to jealousy, envy, and backbiting? That aside, I don’t care what your fixed reasoning is portraying to you right now, all I care for is for you to get the message, meditate on it and live the story you want to tell.


Now, back to what I mean to discuss with you. If you can think you’re in a competition with others or others are in a competition with you, then you must be very wicked. It shows you really don’t want everyone to succeed because if you do, you would be thinking of a way to partner with the people on your field so as to ensure the best for the final consumers. And if you also think you’re too big to partner with others because you have excess funds and excess pride, you don’t deserve to live because you’re practising wickedness. How about coming together as one to achieve the goal we have in common? It will always feel right. It will be the best thing that would ever happen to two with a common goal.


Don’t forget I started from discussing how most people have successfully dumped and neglected those who have helped with their strength, skills, abilities and time. I am laying emphasis on this because I have always believed it is wrong to think that you’re helping others. Instead, have it in mind that you both need each other and you are helping each other.

It is very simple to live with love and to show love to others but because some dumb people will harden their heart to never feel any sign of remorse, the world will always remain disrupted.

If you are the disruptive one, I beseech you to promote love for a better community because I really don’t want to see you beseeching the world to show you love after you have harvested your rotten fruits.

You can join the discussion and make others join this discussion by commenting and sharing this post. It is a free world and I am very easy to approach.

Be well, my dear friend.

Creating and sharing with the world.
David Lein Victor

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