David Lein Victor

You Really Want To Live Your Purpose?

Let me start with this quote from Eric Thomas “The real goal is not to impress them, the real goal is to love and adore self. Live out your calling and purpose in life.”

Over the years, I have travelled through the journey of impacting knowledge and enlightenment to individuals, brands and businesses and I believe that this journey has lifted up many and given to others a success journey they also wish to tread.

I have connected with a lot of individuals who have served as a major pillar to my achievements. I have also made a lot of individuals crave for my presence, my teachings, and my direct mentoring. All these have been made possible through ‘Synergy’.

I know I haven’t fully tapped into my best and I’m working endlessly to see I become a god in every area of my expertise because deep down, I know there are a lot of people I must make better.

I’ve seen challenges and I have overcome them. I’ve experienced downfalls but I picked myself up. This is very essential to keep the journey going. It is what you must understand before taking that bold step.

Some people, especially those I grew up with, would always wonder how I was able to become a skilled individual and someone with values, some of them would be surprised on seeing how I have been able to break through.

Some would talk negatively and expect me to fire back but I would not because I knew it is best to just walk away.

I know my worth, and it is not my duty to impress anybody by telling them my worth. No, it is never my duty. All I am after is to live my purpose excellently.

I can never forget the year 2018, I made some resolutions then and when I looked back to that year, I was able to count some achievements.

Some of these achievements made a way for me in 2019.

1. I trained some individuals on Web Design and Development at BrixAcademy, Abuja.

2. I published my second book, The Apple In Our Bloodstream.

3. I spoke at a gathering of youth on how they can be an agent of transformation in the world.

4. I spoke at another event organised by the World Exploit Leadership Institute, Lagos on leadership; how to become an effective leader.

5. I organised a live training (Digital Media Training) and it was a success.

This year has been extraordinary. I have spoken and I have trained a lot of individuals on different platforms (Offline and Online). This is fulfilling for me.

If it is to learn a skill, learn it. If you need guidance, seek it. If you desire to boost your capacity, then go for it.

To help you on your journey, I will be organising a masterclass on how to boost your capacity. You can message me now if you wish to be involved so I can put your name down because I will be training limited people.

Remember, never live to impress people, love yourself and make sure to live out your calling and purpose in life.

David Lein Victor

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