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About DLV

Hi, I am David Lein Victor.

I only had the zeal to become great. I didn’t gain clarity on what path to thread. I didn’t know the path that would lead me to greatness.

I badly wanted to become a medical doctor. I applied to study medicine at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, but I didn’t make the cutoff mark.

I enrolled in a tournament to become a professional football player. After playing about three matches, I was told to provide some money that would enable me to travel and play for an international club, but I couldn’t afford the fee.

I experienced a shift in 2014

I found my purpose and gained deep mastery of personal development

After a few months of staying home, I paid attention to my writing skill. It all started with quotes. I picked up any book that comes my way. I wrote a lot of motivational writing. I wrote fiction, poetry and as time goes on, I felt I can do a lot with my writing.

The passion for always wanting to help another grew. I gained clarity. I gained a lot of skills to help me pass across my message. 

I didn’t learn graphics and web design to make money from it; I learned all that to help brand my message. 

But things changed. I helped people create designs for money. I designed my first blog using blogger, then I mastered WordPress.

After some time, I ventured into the corporate world. I wrote about business brands; I developed content for startups; I was invited to share my knowledge with others.

And over the years, I have achieved some milestones.

A clear mind and a willing heart can help you paint a beautiful life picture for yourself.

I painted a beautiful picture for myself

I believe the human mind can be trained to fully unleash its potentials.

My platforms, my technology, my writing, and my speaking are all for a cause – to shape humans and businesses, to help people meet up with the best life and business practices of the century.

Therefore, I founded Prominence Africa, an emerging mentoring platform in Africa where captains of industries, business experts, leadership experts, personal development experts and professionals from diverse fields share their stories and secret to success with people to grow in all spheres of life.

And also founded Promilux, a results-driven, a passionate and purposeful digital agency with an excellent record of helping startups, SMEs, brands, business organisations and NGOs achieve their digital goals.

We work systematically to integrate our core values in our corporate responsibility and make our expertise available for the benefit of anyone we work with.

See my story in timeline

2013 - 2014
Loved the Medical Profesion
I badly wanted to become a medical doctor

But I couldn't get the required entry score. Instead, I studied Agricultural Technology.

A Soccer Enthusiast
I badly wanted to become a soccer player

But I stopped craving to become one after I couldn't afford the fee to fly to play for a trial in Europe or the UAE.

I craved Modelling
I loved to be a model

But school assignments and school politics took away the interest.

I discovered my creative skills
I explored writing and speaking

I started with poems, fiction, non-fiction, and motivational posts.

A social development worker
I worked with an NGO

While also trying to figure out how to start a business. I taught myself web design and graphics as a level up.

Personal Development
I embraced Personal Development

And I explored every relevant material about personal branding

Took up professional skills
I venture into leadership

I served in different capacity and led over 8000 people

I founded Prominence Africa
A platform to share what I know

With programmes from top experts and captains of industries empowering Africans with the best life and business practices of the century.

I founded Promilux
A digital agency

With an excellent record of helping startups, SMEs, brands, business organisations and NGOs achieve their digital goals.

Let us grow together!

If my life’s journey has inspired you, would you like to be part of it?

My life experiences put me in touch with ideas, practical ideologies and discoveries on the leading edge of education, personal development and tech.

You can follow it all on my social media channels. Or you can go deeper with me through my masterclasses, books and emails.