David Lein Victor

Hi, I am David.

A Growth & Tech Expert

Shaping humans and businesses to enable them to meet up with the best life and business practices of the century.

I use tech and content to help brands and businesses gain visibility and profit.

Meet the Growth & Tech Expert

With a purpose in shaping humanity

I was a social development worker before quitting and becoming an entrepreneur who uses tech and content to help brands and businesses gain visibility and profit.

I took up leadership roles anytime necessity came calling, teach people what I know and go into deep mastery of personal development.

Today, together with my team, we are on a quest to reach 1million African Entrepreneurs and individuals around the world before the end of 2030 to help them grow in terms of business, leadership, personal development and spirituality.

Learn how I am shaping humans and businesses

Here's how I can help

Digital Solutions

I founded Promilux to embrace your idea and help you navigate the brave, new digital world. Promilux's team will develop your websites and mobile apps, create content, design and help you with your digital campaign.

Tech Training/Consulting

I train and coach online or onsite to deliver value and visionary consulting that drives real results.


Invite David to inspire, empower and train your organization or audience for personal development, leadership, business engagement, and purpose.


Gain deep insight into personal development. Learn from the best. Get your desired result. Become the best version of yourself. All with the subjects that matter to your growth.

Get me on a call!

Over the years, as a tech entrepreneur who has built great products that not only serve but generate revenue, I can boldly say there is no magic in building a great product.

It takes a lot of patience, creativity, teamwork, and commitment and that is why I and my team have been able to help visionary founders bring their ideas to reality using tech.

We are building an Edtech platform that doubles as a community and an Academy that is dedicated to equipping and transforming the lives of young Africans with the tech skills of the new global economy.

Do you have an idea you want to bring to reality? Or do you need help with powering your business with tech? Or maybe you just need an effective digital solution for your business? Get me on a call, tap from my wealth of knowlegde..

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