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Content Development: Who is A Content Developer and How Can You Become One?

I made a post about what you should know about becoming a content writer a few days ago.

Got questions about that especially about the difference and similarities between a content writer and a content developer.

But you know what?

I will only talk about who a content developer is and talk about the difference and similarities between them in my next post.

So who is a content developer and how can you become one?

A content developer is one who researches, strategizes, writes, creates and organises the distribution of contents.

Before you exclaim and roll your eyeballs, first understand that a content developer plays more roles than a content writer.

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But What Type of Content?

There are different content types and how you want to put them to use depends on the audience you have and the platform you’re leveraging.

  1. Videos
  2. Blogs
  3. Infographics
  4. Podcasts
  5. Case Studies
  6. White Papers
  7. Ebooks
  8. Template & Checklists
  9. Original Research

Now that you’ve known who a content developer is and the content types, how can you become a content developer?

  • Be authentic and original
  • Have Advance knowledge of Content Management System
  • Master the relevant tools for content development
  • Have excellent communication and writing skills

There are no other unique ways to become a content developer than consistent learning and practice.

Want to become a Content Developer?

Use the contact form to send me a message to get started. I will hold your hands for a week and help you become a content guru and show you how you can earn from content development.

And watch out for my next post where I will be talking about the difference and similarities between a content developer and a content writer.


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