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This time, we have a lot of people sharing value across. To stand out at the game, getting a lot of people attracted to you is the best way to gain sustainability. This is the reason you must be seen on every platform sharing and teaching what you know.

I remember in 2018 how I got my first deal of the year with BrixAcademy, I spoke in a gathering of youth on how youth can be an agent of change in the 21st Century, I used storytelling to pass across my message.

I mentioned how it was very important to be very skilful up to the point where no one can neglect you, where people will always want to get you onboard because they know you have something to offer.

After that day, someone in the gathering reached out to me and connected me with the Academy. We sealed the deal and I taught their student web design and the business and I was paid for that.

After that training, I set out to host my own live training, it was my first and I got 14 people in attendance. People wanted more but my schedule didn’t permit to host another live training then.

If you want to be seen, you want people to see you as an expert, get branded. People have said a lot about branding. In the business of getting paid for your knowledge, go get branded. It is after that you can begin to package what you know in a teachable format.

To get paid for your knowledge:

  1. Host Classes and Events

You can initiate a free online class to get feedback. But do not let mediocrity come to play, in whatever you’ll do, do it very well. If you want to teach people what you know, even if it is for free, teach it well. Some of those in my free classes have opened another door of opportunity for me.

And as time goes on, when you have a reasonable audience, you can set a fee for your classes.

You can collaborate to organise an event. You don’t just set out to host one, you only do that when you have the full conviction that the work you’ve out there can bring people in.

2. Create Courses

When you have a course, you can easily teach people how to get something done. You can create video courses, audio courses, files in PDF format and so on. Just make sure it is well structured and it holds value.

3. Write a Book

I only have this to say here – people don’t buy the book, they buy the author. Your book represents you. Think of you in the hands of people, they can get to pick you up and learn in their own convenience.

4. Provide Coaching

You don’t just set out to coach someone. Providing guidance and support to get someone working in the right direction requires that you are fully equipped with the right tools and the right information. Getting fully equipped will help you help people achieve their goal.

5. Give Talks

Talking about research in seminars and at conferences, idea development, new strategies and techniques are all a destiny changer. You’ll get recognition, amazing feedback on your data or ideas, only if you give your talk well. Learn the rules and you’ll enjoy it more.

You remember the goal? The goal is to gain sustainability at the highest level of development. The goal is to global prominence.

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To Global Prominence Together.

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