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Spare Me a Moment to Deconstruct Your Reasoning

I just did some corrections on a client’s website and received some payment for a consultation session with a client.

While I rest my head to reply to my messages on Instagram and WhatsApp, a thought ran through my mind. I will be writing it exactly as it came to my mind.

“David, you have a refined way of thinking, it is why you’ve honoured the principle of living to your terms, it is also why you’re growing fast.”

In this part of the world, many have been shaped to live a life that doesn’t align with their destiny. In turn, they get a false destiny from imposed beliefs, habits, traditions, ideas of living, limiting mindset and fear.



While I love to learn, I am quick to discard any words I find limiting or built on the foundation of fears.

Wisdom is not of age. It is of an in-depth way of thinking, of experiences that birth positive results.

Some people will go as far as saying, “my parents say this, my parents say that” or “my pastor said this, my pastor said that” to justify their way of thinking and life they’re living.

While it is true you were brought to life through your parents, permit me to tell you that there are words from your parents you must throw into the trash. Let me skip the talk about clergies. These words are disasters that it is capable of costing you a fortune. It is your responsibility to identify and kill it.

Wealth doesn’t know traditions, it doesn’t know your beliefs, it doesn’t know culture, wealth only knows its principles. It is your responsibility to decide which principle of wealth will work for you.

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You may be thinking you’ve beat your fears, but I tell you, there’s a level you’ll attain and that same fear will come to play. It would ask you to look at your poor background and level down, It would ask you if you really deserve this level and tell you only KINGS deserves the level.

Fear is a bastard!

Do not be engrossed in the ways of false teaching, traditions, beliefs and habits that don’t befit your wonderful destiny. Throw them all into the gutter! You don’t need them at your current state.

What are my terms? My principles?

If it’s not adding value to me, forget it. If it’s only limiting me, forget it. If it won’t make me explore beyond my scope, forget it, if it would make me see people whose faith is different from mine as demonic, forget it.


I will leave you to think about your life and what the next phase of your life would be like.

Meanwhile, if you’d be available for a zoom meeting with me where I will be talking about personal development, business and leadership, just tell me so I add you to the list. There’s a lot of secrets I can’t wait to share with you.

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Talk soon.


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