David Lein Victor

The life of a man needs a lot of principles to fight and win the poverty battle.

Negative mindset, inferiority complex, lazy thinking, shallow thoughts, lack of firmness in decisions, fear, and other forms of dream and life killers can only be defeated with the right principle.

The ways and the means may not be known, but it is known to the chosen.

Who are the chosen?

When you put your heart, time, and energy into quality or value, you know a lot about that quality or value, you become its embodiment. You become its chosen.

When people see you deliver in it, they’ll always see you as the chosen one. They’ll trust you’ll always come out excellent.

I’ve learnt a lot since I began to be intentional about my growth. Every content I put out there was intentional. Every step I’ve taken was intentional. It was the only way I know I could achieve much as a young man.

The life of the successful man is very rich in wisdom, knowledge and understanding. The successful man knows there are boundaries he must not cross, he knows there are cultural and social practices he must be fully aware of. The successful man understands he must not do whatever he feels like doing whenever he feels like doing them.

The successful man is rich with respect, humility, punctuality, patience, compassion, building good relationship and truth. The successful man knows when to talk, how to talk, and where to talk. He has fashion sense.

The successful man is not like many who at the point of getting a breakthrough to a better life decided to not know how to talk. The successful man is not like many who once chose to talk rudely to their messiah.

Aside from learning the relevant skills, living the divine qualities is very important. The relevant skills alone cannot make you a fortune but combined with the divine qualities.

I have a style that has always make me win big. Anytime I am to physically meet anyone I met on social media, I keep it moderate if I know I am age grade with such person, I go far from moderate if such person is very older than I am. I know who to shake and who to prostate for. Some people are god, they can make you forget poverty in just some minutes.

Let me bring out some highlights to make you win big in 2020.

  1. Kill any symptoms of failure. Say no to a negative mindset, say no to an inferiority complex, say no to shallow thoughts.
  2. Envy no one. Don’t be an antagonist to another man’s success. Instead of hating from afar, get closer and ask questions.
  3. You still don’t have a passion? Or you’re confused on what to call your passion? Find a craft that can make you a standard living, put your heart into it, invest your time, money and resources to it, give it your all. Attend relevant seminars, workshops and conferences about the craft.
  4. Aside from getting the relevant skills, get divine qualities. Be respectful, be humble, be patient, be punctual.
  5. Know your boundaries. Know when to talk, how to talk and where to talk. Don’t sacrifice your success on the altar of talking rudely. Do not override your sense of reasoning with lack of common sense.
  6. Stay updated and lookout for opportunities. Feed your mind with the right information.
  7. Build a healthy relationship. Trust is much needed here. Nobody will do business with who they don’t trust.
  8. Follow the process and don’t be lazy. Sometimes, it takes some couples of month to seal a contract. But what happens after that? More doors of opportunities.
  9. Brand yourself to stay rightly positioned. You can’t do without branding yourself. In a simple term, it is what people will say about you. Imagine a good Samaritan who wishes to recommend you to people doesn’t know what to use to describe you. Don’t make it hard, branding is an identity and a voice.
  10. Share value and be consistent. Teach people what you know. Learn new things, teach people again about it. That way, you’re building an audience for the brand. With time, they’ll trust you and buy whatever you offer.

The world will follow anyone who dares to be different.

This is another call for you to be different. This is another call for you to take charge.

It is your call to win big in 2020.

To Global Prominence Together.

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