David Lein Victor

The god-men leaves no room for anyone who wants to stand as a parasitic entity to them.

The ways and the means may not be known, but it is known to the god-men. Sometimes, the ways and the means may want to prove hidden, but a clear thought and the right synergy will make it visible. The god-men understands this.

Of what importance is development if it doesn’t get to the grassroots?

The god-men wants their inner circle to possess an inch of most of the epitomes they possess. They understand it is constant to have the circle grow in that capacity.

The god-men appreciates the teachable ones but will leave room to those who already have the capacity in the core of what they need to discharge.

This is to help the grassroots under the care of the god-men to enjoy quality development.

To gain working access to the god-men, you need to possess the traits of a god-man. The god-men wants to see that the legacy continues, they want to see that even while they’re at rest, the standards they’ve laid, continues and even improves.

The god-men?

They’re the story changers, the connection holders, the wealth builders, the community promoters, the project executioners, they possess divine wisdom in most spheres of life. They’re the ones you’ll look at and wish to be like. They’re the ones you’ll always wish to spend your whole life with. They’re the ones with the key to many breakthroughs.

Access to them means access to wisdom, it means access to knowledge and understanding, it means access to how money works, it means access to consistent improvement. It means access to hack destiny failures.

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It is possible you’ve one time in your life crave to gain access to the god-men, but it just didn’t work out. Or should I say you later found you did something wrong and that caused the ban to your access?

Why not do your best to serve some group of people in an excellent way? Do not forget to bring it to the place where the god-men may notice it. Why not strive to become a god-man? Do not forget to showcase the process in a way that can make them notice it.

In simple term, become someone of value.

Learn new things, learn old things in a new way, learn to do things in the easiest form, then share to equip people.

Don’t be surprised to know that some of the things you share may also be equipping the god-men.

To Global Prominence Together.

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