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The Only Reason You’re Not On The Path To Success.

Every week, I come across people who want to follow in my footsteps. Although I don’t think I have accomplished much for my age, I am always open to helping other people out.

But one thing I have realized is most people won’t succeed because they just don’t have their head screwed on tight enough.

The only reason you are not on that path to success is that you give a negative authority to something that has to do with your minds. You so much enclosed yourselves that you couldn’t think straight and pay attention to what you need to be successful. You fail to see why you need to become a success.

I wanted to badly become a medical doctor when I was young, when I saw that the path to becoming a medical doctor isn’t visible, I opted to become a professional football player. I joined a football academy in Abuja just to achieve this goal but along the way, things just fell out of place. I was bitter, very bitter.

But I failed to notice my writing and speaking skill was improving. How can I notice when I was so engrossed in the thought of becoming a professional football player?

So many people are not paying attention to that quality, that gift, that talent that is capable of making them a fortune.

When I saw that I was losing it, I did something that changed my life.

This is what I did.

I looked back at events that mostly made others to celebrate me. Then I looked within myself to check what was making people to celebrate me. I found excellence, courage, boldness, critical thinking, and the ability to learn faster.

I analysed the events and I saw that 70℅ of the events that made people celebrate me was about writing, speaking and leadership. The  30℅ was gotten from other events.

Having participated in debate, quiz, spelling bee, and having given leadership roles to play, I knew I was meant to continue in this line. I knew it was important I develop my skills.

I made up my mind to acquire new skills that would enable me to master the art of writing, public speaking, personal development and leadership. I worked along that line, I learnt from those ahead of me and boom, I made progress. Right now, I am still making progress.

I won’t deceive you, your mind is very powerful, if you think you can’t do it, you will never be able to do it. If you think your background will hinder you, it will definitely hinder you. If you think you don’t stand a chance, you can never stand a chance.

But if you want to stand out, learn new skills. If you want to get that dream job, be competent and confident. If you need guidance, seek it. If you desire to boost your capacity, then go learn how to boost it.

I will be organising a masterclass on how to boost your capacity. It will cover your personal development and business. You can message me now if you wish to be involved because I will be training limited people.

Remember, your mind is a multi-billionaire asset, do well to protect it, do well to feed it with the right information.

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David Lein Victor

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